Альпака парк

Feed an alpaca without leaving home

Video within 24 hours!

Relevant if you:

I really love animals like alpacas

Want to congratulate a person on any holiday in an original way

We decided to cheer you up with a cute video

You are in another city and physically cannot visit us

How many alpacas would you like to feed?
One or several at once?

As part of the service, all proceeds will be used to support the animals.

If you have not indicated your wishes, the video will be shot according to the classic scenario with natural sound, without any captions and sent when ready within 24 hours from receipt of payment.

Supplementation of the video with music is available for feeding from 400 rubles.

Video examples

Feeding one alpaca - Berberis. An example of a video without music or captions. Such a video will cheer up a person on any holiday or on an ordinary day. We can make a personalized inscription for who it was taken for, so it will be doubly pleasant to receive it!
Feeding one alpaca - Disentra. Do you want to do a good deed and lift your spirits? No problem! Choose an alpaca, we will feed it at your expense and report back to you with a video!
You can also choose any song from those presented when filling out the order form and we will put it on the video. However, you will not hear the crunch of the carrots, so this feature is added only at your discretion.