Альпака парк

Alpaca or llama - what's the difference?

Many people confuse alpacas with llamas. Everyone has heard the name of the animal “Lama”, but few have heard the name “Alpaca.”

  • The llama is a domesticated pack (cargo) animal, a relative of the camel family.
  • On average, the size of adult llamas reaches 112.5 cm at the shoulders and they weigh about 90-160 kg.
  • The llama's coat is long and thick, but only on the body; on the head, neck and legs it is quite short.
  • Llama ears are long and curved, banana-shaped.
  • The llama's muzzle is more elongated and usually there is almost no hair on its head.
  • An adult llama can carry up to 80 kg of loads at a time - no joke for the mountain trails of South America (where they come from).
  • Lamas are independent by nature and sometimes prefer to be alone.
  • Alpacas are bred for their wool and are also domesticated animals and relatives of the camel family.
  • On average, adult alpacas measure 87.5 cm at the shoulders and weigh around 45-80 kg.
  • Alpaca wool is much thicker and longer than llama wool over the entire body, from head to toe, which this wool reaches.
  • Alpacas' ears are short and triangular, like the tip of a spear.
  • The alpaca's muzzle is more flattened than that of the llama and there are bangs on the head that fall over the eyes.
  • Alpacas love to live among their relatives.
  • Alpacas are shy, quiet and very intelligent. They rarely bite, kick and spit, that is, they don’t do what llamas are so famous for (it’s better not to get close to llamas, otherwise they might spit!), although alpacas can do this from time to time.
  • Alpaca is not a pack (cargo) animal. Alpacas are created for beauty =)