Альпака парк

General issues

Can I bring my own food to you?

This is strictly prohibited. Carrots, pumpkin, vegetables are treats for alpacas, the quantity of which is carefully regulated by the veterinarian. Moreover, incorrectly cut treats can get stuck in the animal’s throat, and in the absence of the necessary help in the moment, we can simply lose the animal. We worry about the life and health of our alpacas - for us this is the most important and priority. Therefore, we hope for your understanding in this matter. The administration has the right to terminate visits to the park location without refund if this rule is violated.

Why is there little food in the cup?

We allow feeding of animals, unlike many other farms that have banned feeding altogether. It's simple - guests of our parks are given treats, and not the main food in their diet. A lot of alpaca delicacies are harmful to health, this issue is carefully regulated by the veterinarian on the site, and for some time during the day we put this option on stop so that the animals can rest.

Due to high traffic, food is sold at the listed price in the ticket section and in small quantities.

Is there a place to wash your hands before and after feeding the animals?

Yes, of course, at each of our locations there is a washbasin with soap and hand sanitizer for washing your hands.

Can an alpaca bite or kick?

Alpacas lack the upper row of teeth and therefore are not able to bite painfully, only if they are lightly grabbed. By their nature, alpacas are very friendly; they have not been known to kick people. The most they can do is spit, since the alpaca is from the camel family, but this is only in the rare case if the animal is offended.

Is it possible to take photos and shoot videos on a phone, is it free?

Here you can take photos and shoot videos using non-professional equipment and it’s free in all parks. The only important rule is don't use flash.

You can conduct professional photography only in the Skazka park; for this, please contact us in advance by phone: +79660326666 to make an appointment for the day and time you are interested in. Prices for professional shooting with your own photographer or ours are presented here: https://alpaca-park.com/skazka#pricings

Alpaca Park in Skazka Park

What is your operating mode?

The operating hours of Alpaca Park coincide with the operating hours of Skazka Park. Opening hours vary in winter and summer.

Current times are indicated on the website: https://alpaca-park.com/skazka#pricings and https://parkskazka.com/

Is there parking?

The main parking lot is located near the Ice Palace in Krylatskoye. Designed for 1500 seats. Free for all benefit categories. How to get to the main parking: Moving along the street. Krylatskaya, at the traffic light turn towards the street. Krylatskaya, 16, then after 50 meters turn left (entrance to the parking lot).

Also opposite the main entrance to Skazka Park, there is a covered parking lot for 440 cars - located under the Zhivopisny Bridge, cost 250 rubles per day.

Your address?

We are located in Skazka Park. Park address: Moscow, Krylatskaya street 18.

Exact coordinates according to Yandex navigator:


Coordinates: 55.771367, 37.436350

Alpaca Park at the Moscow Zoo

Can I come specifically to Alpaca Park without purchasing tickets to the Moscow Zoo?

Unfortunately no. In order to get to us, according to the rules, you must first pay for admission to the Moscow Zoo, and then purchase tickets to enter our park.

Ticket prices to the Moscow Zoo: https://moscowzoo.ru/visitors/tickets

What is your operating mode?

The operating hours of the Alpaca Park coincide with the operating hours of the Moscow Children's Zoo. Opening hours vary in winter and summer.

Current times are indicated on the website: https://alpaca-park.com/moscow#prcings and https://moscowzoo.ru

Is there parking?

There are no specialized parking lots for its own guests near the zoo, so you have to choose between city-wide paid and free ones. However, even a paid free space is difficult to find near the central entrance of the park if you are going to visit it on a weekday, since there are many office buildings in the area. The nearest paid parking areas include zones No. 0303 and No. 3103. Cost: Mon-Sun, except holidays 8:00-21:00: 380 rubles/hour.

Free classic seats can be in courtyards, as well as at metro entrances. You are also allowed to park your car for free in the courtyards on the side of the Krasnopresnenskaya metro station near the Presnya Museum (Zamorenova Street).


How can I find you at the Moscow Zoo?

Alpaca Park is located in the New Territory of the Moscow Zoo (Children's Zoo).

Address of the Children's Zoo: Moscow, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street 8, building 36. The closest entrance to us is from Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya street

Exact coordinates using Yandex navigator: https://yandex.ru/navi/?whatshere%5Bzoom%5D=20&whatshere%5Bpoint%5D=37.582795,55.760707&si=2agcfzn9cz6y8j53m2kapnrxqw

Coordinates: 55.760707, 37.582795