Альпака парк

Today we have

The number of our charges has reached 18 alpacas

2 beautiful parks have been opened in the capital of Russia

Our wards have been delighting the residents of the metropolis with their presence for the 5th year already



Gorelova Natalya

Once a dream in adolescence to become a veterinarian, it turned into a park with unusual animals - alpacas. They say that the ideal job is one that brings pleasure and that a person would do even if he does not receive money for it. On my own behalf I will say this: «My soul is in Alpaca Park, I madly love what I do and nothing can change that.»


Ausserer Anastasia

My dream since childhood is to have my own zoo. I often get asked the question «How did you decide to open an alpaca park?» The idea came in one breath on the Moscow-St. Petersburg train. We discussed these amazing animals with Natalya, and then, as if «at the snap of a finger,» we decided that all residents of the capital should have the opportunity to see and communicate with alpacas. A month later we were already in Germany. It's simple - we followed our hearts. Alpaca is our second home. I feel great joy that we have created a park that is appreciated by our guests, because it is a matter of great luck that it brings incredible pleasure.