Альпака парк

Альпака Парк в Москве в семейном парке "Сказка"
и в Московском зоопарке

Our alpacas are a whole world of harmony and beauty for us

We invite you to our world

Alpaca is a domesticated animal species

Even those who live in the highlands need human help and care. Alpacas love communication and attention.

There are two types of alpacas in nature.

  • Huacaya alpacas have short fur that sticks out perpendicular to the skin, so they look like plush toys.
  • Huacaya is the most numerous and resembles a teddy bear in appearance.
  • In most cases, this is what is meant by the name «alpaca»
  • The Suri alpaca has longer wool, curling at the bottom into dreadlocks.
  • Suri is the rarest (about 120 thousand alpacas in total - 5%) and valuable (2 times more expensive than Huacaya) type of alpaca.
  • Compared to Huacaya, Suri fleece consists of longer and thinner fibers (19-25 microns) - these are uniform and thick curls, straight along the entire length and slightly curled at the ends, they do not contain guard hairs that reduce the quality of the fleece.
  • Suri wool is particularly soft and elegant. In the old days, it was used exclusively for royalty.

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